Yard-a yard is symbolic of home-life
Yarn-a symbol of good deeds towards others, Acts 9:39
Yawing-symbolic of boredom
Yearbook-symbolic of reviewing your life’s actions
Yeast-symbolic of hypocrisy, Matt. 16:6
Yelling-symbolic of a nuisance, Prov. 27:14
Yield-a yield sign is symbolic of needing to submit to au­thority, 1 Pet. 2:13
Yin-Yang-symbolic of someone who is influenced by Asian philosophy, Isa. 2:6
Yoga-a person doing yoga is symbolic of meditation or Hindu beliefs
Yogurt-symbolic of trying to live healthfully
Yoke-symbolic of slavery or bondage, Jer. 27:8. The work of the Church, Phil. 4:3. Christ’s mastery over your life, Matt. 11:29-30. To dream of a yoke may also symbolize a need to submit to authority, Lam. 3:27
Yo-Yo-symbolic of emotional ups and downs 

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