Paddle-symbolic of discipline, Prov. 13:24

Paint-symbolic of covering something, Matt. 23:27. The color of the paint will tell you more about the meaning of your dream

Painting-a symbol of artistic value. The picture in the paint­ing will give you more insight into its meaning
Pale horse-symbolic of death, Rev. 6:8 

Pallbearer-symbolic of death and mortality, Eccl. 12:5 NLT  

Palm reading-symbolic of witchcraft, Lev. 20:6  

Palm tree-symbolic of peace or a person, Song. 7:8. Palm trees are also symbolic of flourishing, Ps. 92:12

Panther-symbolic of lurking evil

Paparazzi-symbolic of worshiping idols or deifying people

Parachute-symbolic of looking for safety during a crisis. If the parachute does not open correctly or has holes in it this means that what you think will keep you safe during a life crisis is not going to protect you

Parade-symbolic of victory in battle, 1 Cor. 4:9 NLT.  A parade can also symbolize needless pomp, Isa. 1:12 NLT  

Paramedic-symbolic of help in a time of emergency

Parent-symbolic of authority, Deut. 5:16

Park-symbolic of leisurely ease, the beauty of the earth, and the futility of living without Christ, Eccl. 2:1-5 NLT

Parrot-symbolic of a person of colorful character or one who repeats what they hear

Passenger-symbolic of being someone’s friend or going along with other people’s decisions for your life

Passport-symbolic of international travel

Pastries-symbolic of gossip, Prov. 18:8

Pasture-symbolic of peace in life, Ps. 95:7

Patch-symbolic of the need for a renewing of the Holy Spirit, Matt. 9:15-17 

Path-a level path is symbolic of walking in God’s truth, Ps. 27:11, Jer. 31:9. A hidden path can symbolize an unseen option in life

Patience-symbolic of God’s favor and the fruit of the Spirit, Gal. 5:22

Pawnshop-seeing yourself pawn your property in a dream is symbolic of the path to poverty, Ps. 109:11 NLT

Paycheck-symbolic of financial blessing or the wages of your lifestyle, Rom. 6:23. If the check say’s “righteousness” it means you are living life rightly. If the check say’s “punishment” it sym­bolizes wicked living, Prov. 10:16

Peace-the feeling of peace in a dream is a blessing from the Lord, Ps.29:1. Peace is also symbolic of God’s favor and the fruit of the Spirit, Gal. 5:22

Peaches-a symbol of romantic aspirations and love

Peacock-symbolic of luxury items or showiness, 1 Kings 10:22   

Pearl-the gospel or something valuable, Matt. 7:6, 13:45

Peeing (see Urination)

Pelican-distress, affliction, Ps. 102.6

Pen-a symbol of praise, Ps. 45:1

Penny- symbolic of giving out of poverty, Mk. 12:42
Pentagram- symbolic of Occult influences   

Perfume-the smell of perfume in a dream is a symbol of the fragrant presence of Christ, Song. 3:6

Peroxide-symbolic of the healing process 

Pesticide-symbolic of saturating a problem with wide-rang­ing prayers

Pestilence-a symbol of God’s judgment on sin, Ps. 38:11, Rev. 2:23

Phantom-a ghostly visitor is a demonic presence. A phantom can also suggest that an old issue is still lingering in your life

Pharaoh-symbolic of a hard heart and pride, Ps. 136:15

Phone-symbolic of receiving a message or needing to talk with someone in life

Photographer-symbolic of making memories for others

Physician-a symbol of Christ or a pastor. If you are the phy­sician in a dream it can symbolize a role you fill in the lives of others as healer, comforter, and counselor, Jer. 8:22

Picture-to see a picture of someone in a dream is a way to subconsciously bring attention to the person or image within that picture

Pig-symbolic of ungrateful people, mockers, and scoffers, Matt 7:6

Pig’s snout-if the snout has a gold ring in it this symbolizes a woman without discretion, Prov.11:22

Piggybank-symbolic of saving money or using what you have saved to help others, 1 Cor. 16:2

Pillar-a symbol of responsibility, support, and strength, Jer. 1:18. Pillars are also elders or mature Christians, Gal. 2:9

Pilot-dreaming of piloting an aircraft is symbolic of a fast-paced lifestyle. Piloting a commercial jet liner is symbolic of leadership in an international ministry or company

Pinion-symbolic of God’s faithfulness and protection, Ps. 91:4

Piranha-symbolic of a large group of spiritual enemies

Pirate-symbolic of a thief or bandit, an outcast from society, Judg. 11:3

Pirate flag-symbolic of an impending attack upon your life or another person’s life

Pistol-symbolic of being armed for a fight. The bullets are symbolic of your words  

Pit-a hole in the ground is symbolic of a trap or a prostitute, Prov. 23:27, Prov.28:10

Pit-bull-symbolic of tenacity and ferocity

Pitcher (container) symbolic of a person’s lungs, Eccl. 12:6

Pizza-a frozen pizza symbolizes unpreparedness

Plague-a symbol of God’s judgment on sin, Ps. 38:11, Rev. 2:23

Plane-this can symbolize a world-wide ministry for a Chris­tian or a fast-paced lifestyle for a non-believer

Planting-symbolic of instigating something good or bad de­pending upon what is being planted. If you dream of plant­ing and sowing fruit or vegetable seeds it symbolizes God’s blessing, Ps. 107:37-38

Plants-symbolic of sons, people, or the repercussions of your actions, Ps. 144:12. If the plants are with­ered it symbolizes a lack of vibrancy

Plastic-a symbol of something flexible or pliable

Platoon-symbolic of a group of Christians with the same tactical purpose in spiritual warfare

Playground-symbolic of having fun

Playing field-symbolic of contested territory

Plaza-symbolic of crying out or speaking to people, Amos 5:16

Plow-symbolic of hard, Christian work, 1 Cor. 9:10

Plumbing-symbolic of hard and dirty work

Poison-symbolic of bad activities, negative beliefs, and evil things in your life, Jer. 8:14. Poison can also be symbolic of grief, Job 6:4. Wicked words are also symbolic of poison, Ps. 140:3   

Poker (card game) symbolic of taking a risk. If you have a good hand it symbolizes having an advantage in a situation. If you have low value cards it symbolizes a need to make peace with your opponent

Polar bear-symbolic of a large problem

Police-symbolic of authority, 1 Pet. 2:13 NLT

Polishing-symbolic of preparation and refinement, Ezek. 21:11 NLT  

Pollution-symbolic of grievous sins within a nation or a per­son’s life, Ps. 106:38

Polygraph machine-symbolic of needing to be truthful, Col. 3:9 NLT  

Pomegranates-beauty and ministry, Song. 4:3, Ex. 28:34 

Pompousness-symbolic of a person without any under­standing of God, Ps. 49:20

Pond-a small area or place in life where people come together (church, work, or social club)  

Pool-symbolic of a place where people gather in life. If the water is dirty it symbolizes wickedness

Pool-hall-symbolic of people trying to scam or deceive you

Pornography-dreaming of pornographic material can sym­bolize being influenced by a spirit of perversion or coming into contact with someone who is sexually perverse

Port-to see yourself at a port in a dream can be symbolic of running away from God’s call on your life, Jn. 1:3 NLT

Port-o-potty-symbolic of bad jokes and bathroom humor

Possession-the sensation of spiritual possession in a dream is symbolic of demonic influences in your life, Mk. 3:11  

Postman-symbolic of a messenger. The contents of the letter may be a reminder to pray over the good and bad news you receive in life, 2 Kings 19:14

Pot (Marijuana) dreaming about smoking pot can be an effect of having a current or former drug addiction. Being around people who smoke pot even if you do not can also stir your subconscious to dream about the event

Pothole-symbolic of a rough path or trouble in life, Prov. 10:9 NLT

Potsherd-symbolic of total destruction, Jer. 19:11

Potter’s wheel-symbolic of being molded or shaped, Jer. 18:6 NLT

Pottery-symbolic of a godly vessel, Isa. 64:8. If you see bro­ken pottery it means you have lost your strength, Ps. 22:15

Praise-singing to the Lord in a dream symbolizes a godly person, Ps. 30:4

Prayer-praying in a dream is symbolic of the need to pray to Christ, Rom. 10:11

Preacher-a preacher is symbolic of religion. The character of the preacher can be either good or bad depending on the context of the dream, Jude 1:12 NLT

Pregnancy-pregnancy can be literal or figurative. Pregnancy is many times symbolic of conceiving an idea, travailing in its inception, and giving birth to a new thing, Isa. 66:9

Prescription-symbolic of instructions for healing or getting better in an area of your life, Isa. 38:21 NLT

Preservatives-jars filled with jams and jellies can be used to imply the preservation of people through God’s love, kind­ness, and truth, Ps.40:11

Pressure-a symbol of God’s correction and discipline, Ps. 38:2. Pressure can also be a demonic hindrance in your life if the dream is a nightmare

Prince-a prince is symbolic of Christ, Acts 3:15. A dark prince is a symbol of Satan, Eph. 2:2

Princess-to dream of being a princess is symbolic of the royal position of a Christian woman, Ps. 45:9. A princess can also symbolize a difficult woman

Principal-symbolic of authority, 1 Pet. 2:13 NLT  

Prison-to dream of being in prison may symbolize not hav­ing any hope or joy in life, Ps. 107:10

Prisoner-symbolic of being bound by depression, anxiety, or sinful habits, Ps. 146:7   

Prostitute-symbolic of the path of death, Prov. 2:16-18

Psychic-dreaming of a psychic giving you information is symbolic of demonic influences trying to direct your life, Lev. 20:6  

Puppet-symbolic of someone who is controlled by other people or by demonic influences, Jer. 2:8

Pyramid-a pyramid is symbolic of climbing or reaching for worldly goals rather than having godly aspirations, Heb. 11:26, Jude 1:5  

Python-a spirit of divination, related to drug use, mur­der, theft, and mockery. The python is symbolic of a very large demonic entity capable of killing a person, Acts 16:16

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