Oak-symbolic of strength, Amos 2:9

Oasis-symbolic of the peace of Christ during a time of trou­ble, Ex. 15:27 NLT

Obese-seeing yourself as fat or overweight in a dream can symbolize low self esteem

Occult-symbolic of demonic influences, 2 Kings 9:22

Ocean-if you are in a boat the ocean may be a symbol of the journey of life. If you are swimming in the ocean it can sym­bolize exploring deep places in life. A stormy or raging ocean is symbolic of the nations, Ps. 65:7

Odor-a foul odor can symbolize a curse, Amos 4:10. A pleasing scent can symbolize goodness and a pleasing life, Eph. 5:2  

Office-symbolic of earthly or spiritual authority, 1 Chron. 9:22

Officer-symbolic of leadership or a commission from God, Prov. 6:7

Ogre-symbolic of a wicked, abusive person, or a spiritual oppressor  

Oil-the Holy Spirit, Matt. 25:1-10. Oil is also an anointing from God, Ps. 23:5, joy, Ps. 45:7

Oil (black crude), gushing oil is symbolic of someone com­ing into a significant amount of money

Oil derrick-symbolic of generating wealth

Ointment-a good reputation, Eccl. 7:1

Old age-symbolic of God’s blessing, Eph. 6:1

Olive branch-symbolic of adoption into God’s family, Rom. 11:17

Olive tree-a symbol of end-times witnesses, power, Israel, and believers, Rom. 11:24, Rev. 11:4. A green olive tree is symbolic of a prosperous Christian, Ps. 52:8

Olympics-symbolic of competition at a high level or per­forming well as a Christian, Heb. 12:1

Omega-symbolic of Christ, Rev. 1:8

Onyx-symbolic of Christ’s protection and watching out for His people, Ex.25:7

Orchard-symbolic of romantic love, Song. 4:13

Orgy-to dream of an orgy is indicative of an influence from a demonic spirit of perversion, Rom. 13:13 NLT

Orphan-symbolic of Christian duty, Deuteronomy 10:18

Orphanage-symbolic of a call to minister, pray, or support orphans, James 1:27  

Ostrich-harmless or lacking good sense, Lam. 4:3

Ouija board-symbolic of demonic influence, Ezek. 21:21

Outer space-vastness, separation, Gen. 1:7, Ps. 19:1-3

Oven-this symbolizes God’s judgment upon His enemies, Ps. 21:9. An oven can also symbolize an angry heart, Hosea 7:6

Overtime-symbolic of a high pressure period in life in which you play a critical role

Owl-owls can be an evil spirit disguised as a spirit guide, Lev. 11:13-18

Ox-symbolic of slaughter, Prov. 7:22, or strength, Prov. 14:4

Oyster-love, romance, something of great worth 

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