UFO-symbolic of heavenly visitors  

Umbilical cord-symbolic of being attached to someone or something. An umbilical cord can also signify the need to detach  

Umbrella-symbolic of God’s protection, Ps. 46:1. If it is raining and you have no umbrella it symbolizes being unpre­pared or unprotected

Umpire-symbolic of Christ or a person in authority

Unicycle-symbolic of moving through life awkwardly or at­tempting to keep your balance in a tricky situation

Uniform-symbolic of belonging to a certain group

University-symbolic of advanced learning, Acts 19:9  

Urination-to dream of urinating in someone’s house is sym­bolic of feeling as though you have lost control of your emotions or embarrassed yourself in the presence of others. To see someone urinating in your house can be symbolic of your perception of that person having committed an offen­sive act against you

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