Rabbit-a pagan symbol of fertility. A demon can manifest itself in dreams as a spirit guide with a human body and rabbit head. The rabbit was an unclean animal under the Law, Lev. 11:6

Rabbit’s foot-symbolic of false hope

Raccoon-a rascally individual, one prone to foolish behavior

Race-symbolic of the journey of life, Eccl. 9:11

Raft-symbolic of safety in times of trouble

Rags-symbolic of dead works, Isa. 64:6

Rain-a peaceful shower is symbolic of the presence of the Holy Spirit, Ps. 72:6. A driving rain is symbolic of a storm in your life. Raining fire is symbolic of judgment, Ps. 11:6

Rainbow-this is a sign of God’s covenant with all life. Rainbows also stand for faithfulness and love, Gen. 9:13

Raisin-symbolic of intercession and revival, 1 Sam. 25:18, 30:12

Raisin cake-love, refreshing, Song. 2:5, 1 Sam. 30:12
Rambo-to dream of being Rambo is symbolic of attacking spiritual enemies by yourself, Deut. 1:44, Ps. 118:12  

Rape-to dream of being sexually assaulted is indicative of a demonically induced nightmare

Rapids-this is a symbol of a fast paced or out of control sit­uation

Rapist-symbolic of the devil’s desire to take things from people without their consent

Rat-symbolic of a person with low character, morals, and ethics

Rattle snake-symbolic of strife, Isa. 59:5  

Raven-symbolic of a messenger, Gen. 8:7. A raven can also be a demonic spirit depending on the context of the dream

Raw meat-symbolic of the need for diligence and prepara­tion. Someone eating raw meat is symbolic of laziness, Prov. 12:27

Razor-a symbol of lies, deceit, and destruction, Ps. 52:2

Recliner-symbolic of relaxing

Red Cross-symbolic of Christian service or belonging to Christ

Red eyes-symbolic of fatigue from drinking alcohol, Prov. 23:29. Red-eyed creatures in a dream are also symbolic of demonic entities 
Red horse-symbolic of war, Rev. 6:4 

Red tape-symbolic of a long process in getting something accomplished

Reed-symbolic of the fear of people’s perceptions and opinions, Matt. 11:7

Referee-symbolic of Christ, a person of authority, or a me­diator 

Reflection-symbolic of looking into your heart, Prov. 27:19

Refuge-a symbol of God’s promises, Ps. 46:1

Relatives-living relatives are symbolic of your current living situation. Dead relatives can be showing you the root of generational blessings or curses in your life, Ex. 34:7

Relay race-symbolic of working as a team

Remote control-control over an aspect of your life or other people’s lives

Reporter-symbolic of disseminating information for other people

Reptile-symbolic of an evil spirit, Lev. 11:29-30  

Reservoir-a waterless reservoir is symbolic of putting your trust in something other than God, Jer. 2:13 

Resistance-a person who resists you in a dream symbolizes a spiritual or physical impediment

Resurrection-symbolic of spiritual awakenings, Jn. 11:25

Revolver-symbolic of being armed with the word of God

Rib-a reminder of a man’s relationship to his wife, Gen. 2:22 

Ribbons-symbolic of celebration

Riddle-to dream of someone telling you riddles is symbolic of mysteries, Ps. 49:4

Rifle-a symbol of attacking someone with words or being armed with the word of God against an enemy

Right turn-to see a right-turn sign is symbolic of turning towards wisdom, Eccl. 10:2

Ring-to see a ring in a dream can symbolize God’s approval and authority, Jer. 22:24, Hag. 2:23

Riot-symbolic of rebellion or a spirit of lawlessness, Acts 19:40

River-symbolic of life’s journey. If the river is raging it symbol­izes turmoil and distress. If the river is peaceful it symbolizes God’s blessing, Deut. 8:7. A dry river can symbolize disappointment, Job 6:15-20. A river can also symbolize the Holy Spirit, Jn. 7:38-39  

Road-symbolic of a person’s journey in life or a choice. If the road is bumpy and hard it can symbolize a rough period in life. If the road is smooth it symbolizes God’s intervention on your behalf, Lk.3:5 

Roadblock-symbolic of not being able to move towards a goal, Lam. 3:9

Road sign-a marker for direction in life, Jer. 31:21

Roadrunner-speed, swiftness

Roaring-to hear the roar of an animal in a dream may sym­bolize a warning of impending danger or being a defenseless victim, Amos 1:2, Jer. 2:14-15
Robbed-to have your property stolen during a dream may indicate a spiritual thief, Jn. 10:10   

Robber-symbolic of an evil person, demonic activity in someone’s life, or an adulterer, Prov. 23:28

Robes-to wear a gold, blue, purple, or scarlet robe in a dream is symbolic of holiness, glory, and beauty, Ex. 28:2. If the robe is white it means righteousness. If the robe is spot­ted it means sin is in your life, Zech. 3:1-4

Robin-being obedient to God’s commands, Jer. 8:7

Robots-symbolic of future technologies

Rock-this is symbolic of Christ, refuge, a stronghold, and strength, Ps. 31:1-3, Ps. 28:1

Rocket-a rocket can be a symbol for a quick and sudden de­parture from one area of life to a new one

Rod-symbolic of the words of Christ, Isa. 11:4

Roll bar-symbolic of safety from disaster

Roller coaster-symbolic of the ups and downs of life

Roof-a leaking roof is symbolic of idleness. A damaged roof is symbolic of laziness, Eccl. 10:18

Room-to dream of rooms filled with good things symbolizes a person with knowledge, Prov. 24:4. A dirty room symbol­izes a person’s lifestyle, Matt. 12:44

Rooster-pride, confidence, Prov. 30:31 Matt. 26:34

Root-a symbol of a righteous person, Prov. 12:3. A root can also be the cause of something. If the root has fruit it sym­bolizes a good person. If the root is dry it symbolizes evil, Hosea 9:16, A root is also symbolic of being firmly planted, Jer. 12:2

Rope-to be tied up in a dream may symbolize sin, Prov. 5:22. A three cord rope symbolizes strength, Eccl. 4:12

Rosary-symbolic of piety and prayers

Rose-a symbol of great beauty and value. A rose can also sym­bolize our relationship with Christ, Song. 2:1-2

Rotting fruit-symbolic of decay, Job 13:28

Roulette-symbolic of hoping for an unlikely outcome in a situation

Rowing-symbolic of doing hard work in the face of opposition, Mk. 6:48

Rubbing-to dream of someone rubbing you can symbolize sensuousness or an unwanted advance from another person

Rubble-symbolic of calamity, Job 30:24

Rubies-symbolic of something of great worth in life, some­thing set on display, Isa. 54:12

Rugby-symbolic of playing in the game of life

Ruins-judgment, desolation, destruction, Mal. 1:4

Running-if you are running a race it symbolizes doing well in life, Phil. 2:16

Rust-symbolic of earthly riches, Matt. 6:19. Rust is a symbol of all things temporal

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