Nagging-torment, Judg. 16:16 NLT

Nail polish-symbolic of beautifying yourself  

Naked-symbolic of having aspects of your life exposed to other people, Hab. 2:16. If you feel embarrassment it symbolizes a fear of being exposed

Names-to see someone’s name in a dream may indicate God’s desire for you to pray for them. To see a name crum­bling or rotting is a symbol of wickedness and evil, Prov. 10:7

Native American-symbolic of animism and the worship of nature

Nausea-symbolic of a bad environment, a place that will make you sick, or bad activities, Prov. 26:11

Nazi-a Nazi soldier symbolizes a spiritual enemy or an op­pressive person in your life. A situation in which you need Christ to free you, Acts 10:38

Neanderthal-symbolic of a brutish person

Neck-symbolic of pride, Job 41:22

Necklace-a symbol of something that is close to your heart, Deut. 33:12. If it has a picture of someone in it the necklace symbolizes your love for that person. A necklace is also a symbol of wise instruction and teaching from your parents, Prov. 1:8

Needle (hypodermic) symbolic of drug use

Neighbor-symbolic of the people who live near you. Curs­ing your neighbor in a dream is symbolic of not having common sense, Prov. 11:12

Nest-a person’s home, Prov. 27:8, Job 29:18

Net-a trap laid out by evil, wicked people, or spiritual ene­mies, Ps. 31:4

Newspaper-symbolic of searching for information or staying knowledgeable   

Night-symbolic of danger or an enemy, Job 24:14, Ps. 55:10. Night can also symbolize worldly living, Jn. 8:12

Nightclub-symbolic of foolish behavior, Eccl. 7:4

Ninja-a black clad ninja is symbolic of a special demonic en­voy with an assignment to kill, steal, and destroy you, Jn. 10:10. A ninja in white can be a symbol of a godly person

Noah’s ark-symbolic of God’s promise of safety and provi­sion, Gen. 7:1

Noon-brightness at noon symbolizes God’s blessing, Job 11:17

Noose-symbolic of a trap awaiting the wicked, Job 18:10

North-symbolic of the recesses of heaven, Isa. 14:13

Northern army-symbolic of a heavenly army, Joel 2:20

Nose-to dream of a large or pronounced nose is symbolic of someone who is offensively snoopy or curious. Pressing someone’s nose in a dream is symbolic of stirring-up strife, Prov. 30:33

Nosedive-symbolic of an unexpected loss of position, status, or money, Prov. 28:14-18

Nostrils-dreaming of large nostrils may indicate a person who is self-conscious about their appearance
Notation-symbolic of your actions in life. If your life is not virtuous the notes will scream or sound out of tune

Nuclear war-to dream of nuclear war is symbolic of end-time events, Rev. 6:8

Nude (see Naked)

Nun-symbolic of piety or dedication to God, 1 Cor. 7:32-34

Nurse-a nurse symbolizes caring and helping, Lk.10:34. If you dream of being a nurse it can symbolize your expert role in being used by God to assist someone

Nursing-symbolic of caring for new Christians or nurturing a new thing in your life, 1 Thess. 2:7  

Nuts-symbolic of the blessing of God and the best of the land, Gen. 43:11


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