Faces-faces are symbolic of humanity. If the face is pale it symbolizes death or anguish, Joel 2:6. A gleaming, smiling face symbol­izes joy and peace. A face without eyes, ears, or mouth is symbolic of being deaf and dumb to the gospel, Ezek. 12:2

Factory-symbolic of work, school, or a feeling of monotony in life. A factory symbolizes any place that is routine 

Fair-symbolic of a fun place

Fairy-a familiar spirit

Faithfulness-symbolic of God’s character and the fruit of the Spirit, Gal. 5:22

Fall (season) symbolic of change or a new thing in life                               

Falling-symbolic of a loss of control or uncontrollable cir­cumstances in life. Watching someone else fall may be a warning for you to pray for the person in free-fall. Falling is also a sign of not having any godly guidance, Prov. 11:14

Family-to dream of your family members can be an attempt to draw attention to your relationship with them, Jer. 12:6 NLT. If a dream contains relatives who are deceased it can be showing you a generational curse or blessing that originates with that particular relative. If the dead relative is dripping with oil, radiant, and joyous it sym­bolizes eternal life, 1 Jn. 3:9 NLT

Famine-misfortune, Deut. 32:23

Fangs-lies, wickedness, Ps. 58:6

Farming-symbolic of wisdom and plenty, Prov. 12:11

Fat-if you are eating fat in a dream it may indicate that you are taking things that belong to God, Lev. 3:16

Fat cat-symbolic of a rich person

Fate-symbolic of vanity and death, Eccl. 9:1-3

Fatigues-symbolic of the Lord’s army, a Christian soldier, 2 Tim. 2:3

Fawn-youth, beauty, Song. 4:5

Fear-a dream where the overarching emotion is fear can be caused by anxieties in life, drug use, or demonic ac­tivity, 2 Tim. 1:7. Many warning dreams from God can contain an ele­ment of fear

Feast-symbolic of happiness, fun, enjoyment, and good times, Eccl. 10:19, Hosea 2:11 

Feathers-symbolic of covering and protection, Ps. 91:4. A person or creature with feathers within a dream may be an evil spirit

Feet-symbolic of a journey or a messenger. Not having any feet is symbolic of trusting in a fool, Prov. 26:6. Dirty feet are symbolic of sin, Song. 5:3

Fence-to dream of a fence may symbolize a crossable barrier in life. A leaning fence can symbolize a person under pres­sure, Ps. 62:3. A barbwire fence can symbolize a dangerous obstacle in life

Ferris wheel-symbolic of doing the same things over and over

Ferry-symbolic of something in life that will pass you to your next destination

Festering wound-a symbol of unconfessed sin in a person’s life, Ps. 38:5. Festering sores can also be injuries or pain caused by another person

Festival-this is symbolic of joy, thanksgiving, and fellowship with other Christians, Ps. 42:4

Fever-a person sick with a fever can be symbolic of a sinful lifestyle, Lev. 26:16 

Field-a plowed field is symbolic of a life ready for new things. An empty field is symbolic of an unused portion of your life. A field ready for harvest is symbolic of an upcom­ing harvest in your life, maturity, or evangelism, Matt. 9:37 

Field goal kicker-symbolic of a high pressure situation in life in which you play a critical role in determining the out­come

Fig cake-symbolic of intercession and revival, 1 Sam. 25:18, 30:12

Fig tree-to dream of tending a fig tree is symbolic of up­coming honor if the tree is healthy, Prov.  27:18

Fighter jet-symbolic of a fast-paced lifestyle or a symbol of war

Fighting-if you are fighting your relatives in a dream it is symbolic of shame and disgrace, Prov. 19:26. If you fight other people it symbolizes bitterness and anger towards them

Figs-love, goodness, Song. 2:13

Filing cabinet-symbolic of storing events, situations, or memories

Fire-symbolic of the word of God, Ps. 29:7, Jer. 23:29. Fire can also symbolize a raging problem in someone’s life. Fire, brimstone, and scorching winds are all judgments against the wicked, Ps. 11:6. A house on fire is symbolic of judgment, Ezek. 16:41

Fire alarm-a warning of impending trouble in life, Hosea 5:8

Fire breathing-a person breathing fire out of their mouth symbolizes a verbal attack, Ps. 57:4

Fire extinguisher-symbolic of the need to put out an argu­ment or disagreement, Prov. 25:8   

Fire walking-to dream of walking or passing through fire is symbolic of being tested, refined, or matured, Ps. 66:12, 1 Peter 4:12

Firefighter-a person who helps extinguish problems be­tween people or helps out in times of disaster

Fish-symbolic of Christians, proselytes, or other people, Eccl. 9:12, Mark. 1:17, Zeph. 1:10. Fish may also be symbolic of the things you catch from an environment

Fishhook-symbolic of being caught, Job 41:1

Fishnet-symbolic of a large catch, Lk.5:6

Fishtail-to dream of a car fishtailing is symbolic of losing control

Fist-to dream of a fist is symbolic of aggression and anger, Ex. 21:18  

Flag-a flag is an emblem of a nation and is given to draw attention to that particular country for prayer. A flag can also be a symbol of God’s love and protection for an individual, Ps. 60:4

Flamethrower-symbolic of destructive words, Prov. 16:27   

Flat tire-symbolic of not being able to move quickly in life or not being able to go where you want

Flea-a nuisance or minor problem, 1 Sam. 24:14  

Fleece-symbolic of testing, faith, and approval, Judg. 6:36 

Fleeing-symbolic of being pursued by an enemy or God chasing His enemies, Ps. 68:1

Flies-a direct reference to Satan and his kingdom, Isa. 7:18. Dead flies are symbolic of ruin and rottenness, Eccl. 10:1

Flight-swiftness or ease of progress in life, Amos 2:14 

Flock-a flock of animals may symbolize great property and wealth, Prov. 27:23

Flood-a great flood or raging flood waters are symbolic of troubles in a person’s life or pursuit by an enemy, Ps. 32:6, Ps. 69:1-2. A flood is also symbolic of anger, Prov. 27:4

Flowers-love, marriage, Song. 2:12

Flushing-symbolic of discarding something worthless

Flute-joy, celebration, Ps. 87:7. A flute can also symbolize sorrow depending upon the context within the dream, Jer. 48:36

Fly-ruin, rottenness, Eccl. 10:1. A fly is also symbolic of spiritual or physical enemies, Isa. 7:18

Flying-symbolic of swift progress or a feeling of freedom over obstacles, Jer. 48:9

Flying serpent-symbolic of a deadly, hard to kill, or persis­tent enemy, Isa. 14:29

Fog-something that is short in duration, James 4:14 NLT

Folded hands-symbolic of inaction or sluggishness, Prov. 6:10

Fool’s gold-false religion, Col. 2:23

Foot-symbolic of taking a journey. A broken foot can sym­bolize faithlessness, Prov. 25:19. Having a foot cut off is symbolic of trusting in a foolish person, Prov.  26:6

Football-aggressive living, the game of life

Footprint-following foot prints in a dream is symbolic of following in someone else’s path in life. If the foot print is bloody it symbolizes the path of wrongdoers, Hosea 6:8

Footstool-worshiping God, Ps. 99:5. A footstool can also symbolize an enemy being subject to you, Ps. 110:1

Foreskin-an uncircumcised heart can be symbolic of unrepentant sin and rebellion, Jer. 4:4. The foreskin may also symbolize practicing legalism, Gal. 5:2-3

Forest-a forest can be symbolic of an isolated or dangerous place in life, Ps. 104:20

Forest fire-disaster, judgment, Ps. 83:14, Jer. 21:14 

Forest ranger-symbolic of a helper 

Fortress-symbolic of the protection afforded to believers through faith in Christ, Ps. 31:3. A fortress can also symbol­ize a strong enemy presence in your life

Fortune teller-a symbol of a person with Satanic influence in your life or a demonic entity wanting to plant a false word in your life, Deut. 18:10

Fountain-a symbol of life or a life giving source, Ps. 36:9

Fox-to dream of a fox is symbolic of a crafty and scheming individual, Lk.13:32

Fox cub-symbolic of tiny problems, Song. 2:15

Frame-to see the frame of a house is symbolic of a person’s life being built or a ministry being built, Eph. 4:12-16  

Friend-symbolic of help and understanding, Prov. 7:4

Frogs-symbolic of demons or unclean spirits, Rev. 16:13-14

Frontline-symbolic of being at the point of attack in spir­itual warfare, 2 Sam. 11:15

Frost-destruction, judgment, Ps. 78:47

Fruit-symbolic of God’s blessing upon the earth and Christ’s love for His bride, Song. 2:3, Gen. 1:11. Fruit in a dream can also mean results. If the fruit is rotten or spoiled in a dream it symbolizes abandonment, curses, and people of bad char­acter, Jer. 24:1-10.

Fumble-symbolic of making a critical mistake

Funeral-symbolic of death or the end of something, Job 21:33 NLT

Funeral procession-symbolic of wailing and mourning over the death of something in your life, Jer. 9:17-19

Furnace-this symbolizes God’s judgment upon His enemies, Ps. 21:9

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