Wadi-a dry wadi is symbolic of hoping in things that bring disappointment, Job 6:15-20 

Wagon-symbolic of carrying burdensome things or people, Amos 2:13

Waiter-a symbol of servitude

Walking-peace, tranquility, contentment in life. If two peo­ple are walking together in a dream it symbolizes complete agreement, Amos 3:3

Walking stick-symbolic of power or old age, Zech. 8:4

Wall-to dream of a wall suggests a barrier to your movement in life. To hide behind a wall in a dream symbolizes finding protection. A leaning wall is symbolic of a person under pres­sure, Ps. 62:3. A high, flimsy wall can symbolize the folly of trusting in wealth, Prov. 18:11. A broken wall symbolizes not having self-control, Prov. 25:28

War-to dream of war can be symbolic of the end-times, Matt. 24:6

Warehouse-symbolic of things that are stored but accessible only through God, Job 38:22-23

Warlock-if you dream of a warlock it is a sign that people influenced by Satanic religious practices have been re­cruited to influence a person or event, Num. 22:7

Washbowl-this is symbolic of servitude, Ps. 60:8

Washing (hands, body, or feet) symbolic of cleansing from sin, Ex. 30:19-21, Ps. 26:6, Jn. 13:8

Wasp-symbolic of a spirit of terror and confusion, Ex. 23:27-28

Watchmen-a prophet, or a person’s legs, Eccl. 12:3

Water-symbolic of the word of God and sanctification, Eph. 5:26

Water fountain-symbolic of good words and life, Prov. 10:11

Water tower-a man-made cistern may symbolize trusting in things other than God, Jer. 2:13

Waterfall-a waterfall can be a place of peace and rest during life’s journey. If the waterfall is raging it can symbolize a long climb or descent in your progress in life  

Watering-symbolic of generous giving, Prov. 11:25

Waves-tumultuous people or a stormy period in your life, Ps. 65:7, Jer. 51:42. Waves are also symbolic of false doctrine, trickery, and deceit, Eph. 4:14. A wave may also be symbolic of a move of the Holy Spirit   

Wax-symbolic of a faint heart, Ps 22:14

Wedding-a symbol of new beginnings, joy, and happiness, Matt. 25:10

Wedding cake-symbolic of matrimony and unending love

Weeds-a symbol of bad activities or bad people, Heb. 6:8

Well-a place of drawing water, symbolic of a person’s spouse, Prov. 5:15, or a person’s heart, Eccl. 12:6

Werewolf-symbolic of people whose actions and attitudes can turn them into a monster. A werewolf can also be a spiritual enemy

West (see directions)

Whale-symbolic of running from God, or being devoured by a large problem, Jon. 1:17

Wheat-symbolic of a true believer, legitimacy, or God’s word, Matt. 13:24

Wheelchair-symbolic of recovery from injury or needing help

Whip-a curse, stubbornness, Prov. 26:3

Whirlwind-a whirlwind can be symbolic of God's presence, Nah. 1:3. It can also be symbolic of calamity, Prov. 1:27. If you survive the whirlwind it signifies your righteousness, Prov. 10:25

Whispering-someone or something whispering in a dream is symbolic of hateful words or enemies taking counsel against you, Ps. 41:6

Whistle-symbolic of calling someone, Isa. 5:26
White horse-symbolic of the return of Christ, Rev. 6:2  

Wilderness-a place of spiritual dryness, Amos 5:25, or solitude for a time of training in life, Matt. 4:1  

Willow tree-weeping, mourning, sorrow, Ps. 137:2

Wind-symbolic of the Holy Spirit, Acts 2:2. A stormy or scorching wind is symbolic of troubles, Ps. 55:8, Jer. 4:11-12

Window-symbolic of vision, insight, or a person’s eyes, Eccl. 12:3

Wine-a symbol of Christ’s blood and the forgiveness of sins, Matt. 26:28

Winged women-symbolic of a class of angelic being, Zech. 5:9

Wings-symbolic of freedom and rest from trouble, Ps. 55:6. Wings also symbolize swift movement, Jer. 48:9

Wink-symbolic of a gesture of approval or acknowledgment
Winnowing-symbolic of cleansing and revival, Jer. 4:11  

Winter-symbolic of peace, tranquility, or a late stage in a person’s life

Wisdom-symbolic of riches, honor, peace, and long-life, Prov. 3:16-17

Witch-symbolic of a person involved with the Occult, Deut. 18:10 

Withered-a symbol of a curse or a dying person, Ps. 37:35-36

Wolf-symbolic of a vicious person or a spiritual enemy, Ezek. 22:27, Matt. 10:16

Woman-symbolic of a helper, Gen. 2:18. A loud woman is symbolic of unwise living, Prov. 9:13. A woman in dark clothing is symbolic of a spiritual enemy, Matt. 13:33. A woman clothed in purple is symbolic of a good wife, Prov. 31:22

Woodpecker-a nuisance

Woods-the woods can be symbolic of being lost, alone, or isolated from people

Wool-angel hair, purity of living, Isa. 1:18 

Working-profit, Prov. 14:23

Worm-symbolic of disgrace, contempt, and repugnance, Ps. 22:6

Wormwood-symbolic of bitterness, Jer. 9:15

Wound-symbolic of unconfessed sin in a person’s life, Ps. 38:5, Jer. 30:12. A wound can be an emotional injury caused by another person that has not healed

Wreath-a symbol of teaching and instruction from wise par­ents, Prov. 1:8

Wrestler-to be a wrestler is symbolic of a struggle between people or spiritual powers, Gen. 30:8

Wrestling-to dream of being locked in a wrestling match is symbolic of a struggle against spiritual powers, Eph. 6:12

Wristwatch-symbolic of clock watching. If you keep checking your watch in a dream it can symbolize anxiety over an issue, 2 Pet. 3:9

Writing-to dream of writing a letter is symbolic of expressing something that you never had the chance to say to a friend or loved one.  

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