Ice-symbolic of spiritual apathy, Rev. 3:15. Ice under your feet is sym­bolic of the path of wickedness, Ps. 73:18   

Ice cream-joy, happiness, fun

Ice water-refreshing, good news, Prov. 25:25

Iceberg-hidden disaster

ICU (intensive care unit) symbolic of needing major help

Icy path-if you find yourself slipping on an icy path it sym­bolizes the path of the arrogant and wicked, Ps. 73:18, Jer. 23:12
Idol-to see an idol in a dream is symbolic of stupidity and delusion, Jer. 10:8  

Immunization-symbolic of building character and strength to resist temptation 

Implant-symbolic of something in your life that did not originate with you

Impound-symbolic of stopping someone’s progress in life

Incense-symbolic of prayer, Ps. 141:2

Incest-to dream of an incestuous relationship is indicative of an influence from a spirit of perversion or being around a person who is perverse

Indian (Native American) symbolic of animism or the worship of nature 

Infant-symbolic of an early stage of an idea or new thing

Inheritance-symbolic of a good person, Prov. 13:22

Injury (incurable) a symbol of deep-rooted sin in someone’s life, Jer. 30:15

Insurance-symbolic of the need to insulate oneself against potential loss

Interior designer-symbolic of someone who has an eye for beauty, art, and tasteful things

Investigator-to dream of being a private investigator is symbolic of being noble minded and astute, Acts 17:10-11

Iron-strength or men, Prov. 27:17

Iron bars-symbolic of arguments, Prov.  18:19

Iron rod-symbolic of judgment, Rev. 19:15

Island-a place of temporary, seasonal growth, or a symbol of isolation   

Israel-to dream of the nation Israel may symbolize a call for prayer over the Middle East

Ivory-symbolic of luxury, Amos 3:15 

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