Baboon-symbolic of acting poorly in social settings

Baby-babies can symbolize a new thing being brought into a person’s life, Isa. 42:9. A baby is also symbolic of a gift from God, Ps. 127:3  

Baby carriage-symbolic of expecting a child or a new thing in life

Back (body part) if a person turns their back on you in a dream this symbolizes an attempt to ignore or dismiss you, Jer. 32:33

Backhoe-symbolic of a major renovation or a time of building yourself up in life  

Backpack-symbolic of being a student or carrying too many things around with you

Backsliding-relapsing into old behavior, Hosea 4:16

Backstage-symbolic of helping behind the scenes

Bacteria-symbolic of the cause or root of trouble

Bad breath-to dream of having bad breath can symbolize a poor choice of words during a conversation or being self-conscious

Badge-symbolic of authority

Badger (animal) symbolic of pestering or bothering some­one

Bag-symbolic of a journey, Isa. 10:28. The contents of the bag will give you more insight into the interpretation of the symbol

Baggage-symbolic of the things people drag with them from previous relationships. Baggage is also symbolic of God forcing someone to move, Ezek. 12:6

Bagpipes-to dream of a windbag instrument can symbolize speech that has no value or a speaker without any credibility, Jer. 5:13

Bait-symbolic of a lure or trap, Amos 3:5

Bakery-symbolic of producing spiritual sustenance for others or being in the service of another, Gen. 40:1

Balance-attempting to balance yourself in a dream is sym­bolic of a stressful event in life or trying to keep yourself emo­tionally stable during turbulent times, Ps. 119:109 NLT

Bald-losing your hair in a dream may symbolize not having protection from God, Micah 1:16

Ball-symbolic of a person’s sphere of influence, 1 Cor. 10:13  

Ballroom-having fun in life  

Balm-a symbol of healing for a sick or wounded person, Jer. 8:22

Banana-symbolic of a delicacy or good spiritual fruit in your life 

Banana republic-symbolic of the countries of Guatemala and Honduras (a call to prayer)

Band-symbolic of collaboration and teamwork, Ps. 68:25

Band aid-symbolic of trying to help a large problem with very few resources

Bandage-symbolic of healing and recovery, Isa. 1:6

Bandits-symbolic of a group of demons sent to raid some­one, Hosea 7:1

Bank-symbolic of investment and security, Lk.19:23

Banner-symbolic of victory in Christ, Ps. 20:5, and God’s love, Song. 2:4

Banquet-a banqueting hall or table set with food is symbolic of fellowship with Christ, Song. 2:4. Sitting at a dark table is symbolic of ungodly activities in your life, 1 Cor. 10:21

Baptism-symbolic of becoming fully immersed or initiated into something, Matt. 28:16-20. Watching someone attempt to baptize themselves is symbolic of trying to work for or earn salvation 

Bar-symbolic of a bad environment or being surrounded by sinful people and spiritual enemies, 1 Cor. 6:10

Barbarian-symbolic of a person that you cannot under­stand, 1 Cor. 14:11

Barbecue-roasting food can be symbolic of feeling satisfied for a period in life, Isa. 44:16

Barbed wire-to dream of barbed wire suggests a hindrance to your movement in life

Barking-symbolic of a warning, Isa. 56:10. Barking may also be a spiritual enemy attempting to intimidate you

Barn-symbolic of a person’s stored wealth, Prov. 3:9. A barn can also symbolize a person’s life and property, Ps. 144:13, Jer. 50:26

Barricade-protection, Song. 8:9

Baseball-symbolic of competing in the game of life

Basket-symbolic of carrying a burden, Ps. 81:6. A basket can be symbolic of blessing and prosperity if you are carrying good fruit

Basketball-symbolic of the game of life. If the defenders are taller than you it symbolizes a spiritual struggle. If you are playing well it symbolizes a good season in your life

Bat (bat-like creature) symbolic of a demonic entity, an un­clean animal, Lev. 11:19

Bathing-symbolic of cleansing yourself, Ex. 30:19-21. Also symbolic of a place of intimacy and exposure, 2 Sam. 11:2

Bathroom-symbolic of exposure or an invasion of privacy. If the bathroom is filthy it may be an indication of a dirty life­style, 2 Sam. 11:2
Batman-to dream of being Batman can symbolize fighting against spiritual forces of wickedness, 2 Cor. 10:4-5

Battering ram-to dream of a battering ram or siege engine is symbolic of being engaged in a spiritual battle, Deut. 20:20

Battle-symbolic of the struggle to live a virtuous life in ac­cordance with God’s word, Ps. 78:9-10

Battleship-symbolic of heavy spiritual bombardment

Bazooka-symbolic of blasting your enemies with destructive words  

Beach-if you are on a beach looking out at the water it symbolizes waiting for something in life. If you are walking or sunning yourself on a beach it symbolizes tran­quility. A beach can also symbolize waiting for the return of Christ, Isa. 42:4

Bear-symbolic of ferocity, 2 Kings 2:24

Beast-symbolic of an enemy or an arrogant person, Eccl. 3:18. Running on all fours like a beast in a dream may be symbolic of being powerful

Beaten-if you are being beaten in dream it can be emblem­atic of a demonic attack. If you are being beaten on the back with a rod it can symbolize correction for foolish behavior, Prov. 10:13

Beaver-industrious, hard-working

Bed-a place of intimacy, Heb. 13:4, rest, or privacy, 2 Kings 6:12. If a person is sick in bed it can symbolize a sinful lifestyle, Ezek. 23:17. A fragrant, clean bed is symbolic of righteous living, Prov. 7:17

Bedroom-symbolic of a private area, 2 Kings 6:12 

Bee-a swarm of bees can be a symbol of acting presumptuously against an overwhelming enemy, Ps. 118:12, Deut. 1:44

Beer-symbolic of brawling, Prov. 20:1

Beetles-a hard to kill problem

Begging-symbolic of a curse, Ps. 109:10

Belching-wicked words, Ps. 59:7

Bell-a call to attention or warning, Ex. 28:33-35. Golden bells are symbolic of ministry and holiness, Ex. 28:34

Belt-this is symbolic of truth, Eph. 6:11. A belt is also sym­bolic of an attachment to something, Jer. 13:11

Bestiality-a spirit of perversion, Lev. 18:23

Bible-to dream of the Bible is symbolic of the need to read God’s word, 2 Tim. 3:16

Bicycle-symbolic of a person’s movement through life. If the bike has broken parts or missing wheels it symbolizes problems or troubles with the person riding the bike

Bigfoot-symbolic of a large problem in your life like depression or anger

Billboard-a sign or warning marker, something you need to see and pay attention to in a dream, Isa. 8:1

Binoculars-symbolic of seeing beyond your present situa­tion

Biohazard-to see a biohazard sign in a dream is a warning of deadly things in your life

Bird-a messenger, Eccl. 10:20

Birth-symbolic of a new thing in your life, Isa. 42:9

Birthday Cake-celebratory of a person’s life and growth. If the cake is half-baked or burnt it symbolizes worth­lessness Hosea 7:8

Bishop (see Chess)

Biting-dreaming of being bitten or biting others is symbolic of strife and quarreling, Gal. 5:15

Bitterness-symbolic of the results of sin, Prov. 5:3

Black belt-an expert in spiritual warfare

Black cat-a black cat can symbolize evil or bad luck for many non-Christians and is a common dream symbol in many nightmares
Black horse-symbolic of famine, Rev. 6:5  

Black sheep-an outcast or misfit

Black widow spider-a demonic spirit, Isa. 59:4-5   

Blanket-symbolic of a love for others or covering mistakes, Acts 9:36

Blast furnace-a hard life, worldly living, a person’s life be­fore Christ, Jer. 11:4

Bleach-complete cleansing

Blemish-sin or perceived flaws, Song. 4:7

Blind-without godly instruction, Prov. 29:18. Being blind can also symbolize the need for brotherly love in your life, 2 Pet. 1:9

Blindfold-a spiritual blockage to a person’s ability to see the truth, 2 Cor. 4:4  

Blizzard-this is symbolic of blindness in a situation or re­sistance in life

Blood-a symbol of the sacrifice of Christ on the cross, Matt. 26:28. Washing in blood is a symbol of exacting vengeance, Ps. 58:10

Bloody-a person covered in blood is emblematic of killing and death, Hosea 6:8

Bloody water-emblematic of war, trouble, and woe, Isa. 15:9  

Bluebird-order, obedience, Jer. 8:7

Bluffing-symbolic of not thinking something through, Prov. 21:29

Blushing-symbolic of embarrassment or shame, Jer. 6:15

Boa constrictor-depression or anxiety, a demonic attacker, Isa. 59:4-5    

Boar-devourer, a symbol of a curse upon your valuables or property, Ps. 80:13

Boat-symbolic of a vehicle for ministry or the way someone lives their life

Body-a direct reference to the flesh. An emaciated body symbolizes sin in a person’s life, Ps. 31:10

Body armor-this is symbolic of a well-protected Christian, Eph. 6:13

Bodybuilder-a wise man, Prov. 24:5. Also symbolic of moral and physical strength, Amos 2:14. Bodybuilders may also imply people who intimidate you

Bodyguard-a close spiritual advisor, a friend, and protector, 1 Sam. 22:14

Bogyman-a demonic oppressor

Boiling water-a symbol of evil being poured out on people, Jer. 1:14

Boils-symbolic of evil in a person’s life. If the boil is on their lips it means they speak with unkind words

Bomb-symbolic of something that will cause major prob­lems or damage

Bomber (airplane) symbolic of spiritual warfare or end-time wars

Bones-symbolic of spiritual death and hopelessness, Ezek. 37:11. A broken bone can symbolize a wound inflicted by God, Ps. 51:8

Book-the meaning of a book can be ascertained by its title or the words written in the pages. If you are surrounded by books it can be symbolic of a love of reading and knowledge

Book-of-life-to dream of the book-of-life is symbolic of God’s salvation or an invitation to accept Christ as lord and savior, Ps. 69:28

Boomerang-something that will come right back to you

Boot-symbolic of war, Isa. 8:5. Boots can also symbolize preparedness to give the gospel, Eph. 6:15

Boot camp-symbolic of preparation and training

Boss-symbolic of authority. A boss may symbolize a parent, teacher, guardian, or supervisor

Bottle-symbolic of the need to keep information secret

Bow and arrow-the weapons of God against an enemy, Ps 21:1. If the bow is bent it means you are ready for battle, Isa. 5:28

Bowing-symbolic of submission, being burdened with work, or the cares of life, Ps. 145:14. If you are bowing down in a dream if symbolizes that you serve that person or object, Mal. 1:6

Boxer-fighting, hostility, 1 Cor. 9:26

Boy Scout-helping others, civically minded

Brakes-symbolic of needing to slow down or stop doing something

Branch-symbolic of Christ, Zech. 3:8

Branded-branding can symbolize having something perma­nently etched in your mind. Branding can mean that your mind is closed off, 1 Tim. 4:2 

Branding iron-symbolic of slavery, Isa. 3:24, 1 Tim. 4:2

Brazen face-symbolic of not having any fear, Prov. 7:13

Bread-this is symbolic of the broken body of Christ and the fellowship of friends, Matt. 26:26

Bread and butter-something that will bring you guaranteed income

Breastplate-symbolic of the righteousness of Christ, faith, and love, Eph. 6:1, 1 Thess. 5:8

Breathing fire-symbolic of destructive words, Jer. 5:14

Bribe-wickedness, Isa. 1:23

Bricks-symbolic of slave labor and hard work, 2 Sam. 12:31

Bride-this is the church, Rev. 21:9. To dream of a bride may also foretell marriage

Bridal gown-symbolic of being prepared for marriage

Bridal shower-symbolic of finding love or being celebrated

Bridegroom-symbolic of Christ, Matt. 9:15

Bridge-symbolic of crossing over to a new place in life

Bridle-a curse, stubbornness, Prov. 26:3

Briefcase-symbolic of professionalism and industry

Brimstone-the judgment of God against the wicked, Ps. 11:6

Broken arms-symbolic of being powerless, Ps. 37:17

Broken pot-this is a symbol of someone who has died or passed away because of grief in life or having been crushed by sin, Ps. 31:12

Broken window-this can symbolize having your peace or joy stolen by a spiritual thief, Joel 2:9

Bronze-symbolic of strength, Micah 4:13

Bronze gate-symbolic of imprisonment, Ps. 107:16

Bronze wall-symbolic of strength, Jer. 1:18

Brook-a bubbling stream is symbolic of wisdom, Prov. 18:4

Broom-symbolic of cleaning out your life, Isa. 14:23

Broomstick-a person flying on a broomstick is symbolic of witchcraft and spiritual enemies fighting against you

Brother-symbolic of Christ, Prov. 18:24, other Christians, or adversity, Prov. 17:17

Brownies-symbolic of love, fellowship, food, and family

Bruise-to dream of bruising is symbolic of wounds from life’s trials, Job 9:17

Bubble gum-if you have gum on you it can symbolize a tricky situation. Blowing bubbles may symbolize immaturity

Buccaneer-a hard-living and argumentative person

Buck-symbolic of a lover, fiancé, or husband, Song. 2:9

Bucket-if the bucket is flowing with water it symbolizes prosperity and life in the spirit, Num. 24:7

Buddha-to see Buddha in a dream is symbolic of someone who is filled with Buddhist religious influences

Buffet-life’s choices

Bug bites-symbolic of misfortune, Deut. 32:23-24

Builder-a person building something is symbolic of wisdom, Prov.  14:1

Buildings-buildings symbolize areas and places you fre­quent. Any place where people come together can manifest itself as a building in a dream 

Bull-a bull is symbolic of a strong enemy, Ps. 22:12


Bulldozer-clearing ground in life or tearing things down

Bullet-a symbol of a malicious word or the word of God aimed at a spiritual enemy, Ps. 10:7. A blank or empty cartridge is symbolic of ineffective prayer

Bulletproof vest-a symbol of protection against attack, a well-armed Christian, Eph. 6:11

Bullfrog-symbolic of a demon, Rev. 16:13-14

Bum-an outcast or wandering person can symbolize a spiritual oppressor or being cast-out from the presence of God, Gen. 4:12  

Bumper sticker-symbolic of a position you endorse or mes­sage you propagate

Bunny-for many non-Christians a bunny symbolizes luck, fertility, and magical power

Burden-this can be a symbol for a person’s sins or anxieties in life, Ps. 38:4, Matt. 11:30. A burden can also symbolize other people’s problems, Gal. 6:2

Bureaucrat-a difficult and inflexible person, Isa. 10:1  

Burglar-a sign of demonic activity surrounding your house and family intent on stealing your peace, Jn. 10:10
Burglarized-to have your property stolen or broken into during a dream is symbolic of a spiritual thief, Prov. 23:28  

Burning coals-cleansing, Isa. 6:6, or kindness, Prov. 25:22

Burping-symbolic of wicked talk, Ps. 59:7

Bus-this is symbolic of a large ministry for a Christian or the ride of life for a non-believer

Busboy-symbolic of serving others in a lowly fashion  

Bush-this can symbolize a person’s growth in life or a call to ministry from God, Ex. 3:4  

Butler (cupbearer) symbolic of a trusted position of service, 1 Kings 10:5

Butter-symbolic of the blessing and friendship of God, Job 29:6

Butterfly-beauty or a socially adept person

Buzzard-a demon, Rev. 18:2 NLT


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