Hail-destruction, judgment, Ps. 78:47

Hail Mary-symbolic of having long odds for a positive outcome in a situation or a last ditch effort
Hair-long hair is symbolic of femininity, 1 Cor. 11:14-15. Grey hair is symbolic of glory and honor, Prov. 20:29  

Half-man-half-animal-to see or speak with a half-man-half-animal creature in a dream is symbolic of a demonic entity attempting to influence your life

Hall-a symbol of a path in life or choices. A long hallway can symbolize a long monotonous journey

Hall of Fame-heroes of the faith, Heb. 12:1

Hammer-the word of God is a hammer, Jer. 23:29. A mili­tant nation can also be a hammer, Jer. 50:23

Hand-a right hand symbolizes God’s strength or long life, Ps. 20:6, Prov. 3:16. A left hand symbolizes the riches and honor of wisdom, Prov. 3:16. If the person is evil a hand symbol­izes wicked scheming and bribery, Ps. 26:10. An open hand is symbolic of grace, Ps. 123:2

Handcuffs-symbolic of the power to bind or stop certain actions or behavior, Matt. 16:19

Happiness-symbolic of possessing wisdom, Prov. 3:18

Harbor-shelter, Acts 27:12

Harlot-rebellion, loudness, death, Prov. 7:11

Harp-a symbol of joy in the Lord, 43:4

Harvest-symbolic of gathering, Prov. 6:8

Hatchet-smashing, destroying, Ps. 74:6

Hawk-this can be symbolic of a demonic influence in someone’s life if the bird is black or grey

Hazard sign-a warning

Head-to dream of something being on your head can be symbolic of God’s blessing or a curse, Prov.  10:6. The head is also symbolic of a wise and honorable person, Isa. 9:15. A faceless head can symbolize the flesh and humanity

Health-a symbol of the word of God, Prov. 4:22

Hearse-a hearse symbolizes death or the impending death of a relationship 

Heart-a darkened heart or a stone heart is symbolic of a wicked or unregenerate person, Ezek. 36:26. An upside down heart is symbolic of distress and anxiety over troubles in life, Lam. 1:20

Heaven-a symbol of God’s glory, Ps. 19:1

Heckler-a scoffer, an ungodly person, Ps. 1:1-2

Hedge-symbolic of God’s protection. If the hedge is made of thorns it symbolizes a lazy person, Prov.  15:19

Hedgehog-solitude or separation, Isa. 14:23

Helicopter-a helicopter can symbolize someone who lives a fast paced lifestyle, someone who drinks, parties, and uses drugs

Hell-eternal punishment, Matt. 10:28 

Helmet-a symbol of salvation, Eph. 6:17

Hemorrhage-symbolic of needing to place your faith in Christ, Lk.8:43

Henna-symbolic of protection, Song. 1:14

Herbs-symbolic of love and goodness, Song. 5:13

Herd-a herd of animals may symbolize the condition of your property or wealth, Prov.  27:23

Heroin (see Drugs)

Hiding-symbolic of a prudent person, Prov. 27:12. Hiding can also symbolize being fearful 

Highway-symbolic of the path of an upright person, Prov. 15:19

Hiking-symbolic of life’s journey or the path you are cur­rently on in life

Hill-a hill in a dream may indicate an easily overcome obsta­cle. A brilliantly lit hill is symbolic of God’s dwelling place, Ps. 43:3. A hill can also symbolize a place in life where you can build, work, and cultivate good things, Isa. 7:25 

Hindu gods-to see a Hindu god in your dream is symbolic of someone who is filled with influences from the East, Isa. 2:6

Hitting-to hit another person in a dream is symbolic of an­ger directed towards others. If you hit yourself in a dream it is symbolic of regret, Jer. 31:19
Hog-symbolic of worldly people or sinful living, Matt 7:6  

Holding hands-this is a symbol of God’s faithfulness, pro­tection, and love, Ps. 37:24. Holding hands with someone in a dream means being in agreement with them

Hole (open pit) symbolic of a trap or a prostitute, Prov. 23:27, Prov.  28:10

Homeless man-a vagrant may be symbolic of a spiritual enemy, a wanderer

Homerun-success in the game of life

Homosexual-a spirit of perversion, Lev. 18:22-23

Honey-symbolic of the law, teachings, testimony, and judg­ments of the Lord, Ps. 19:7-10

Honeycomb-pleasant speech, kind words, healing, Prov. 16:24

Honking-symbolic of impatience

Hooker-an adulterous woman or a curse, Prov. 23:27

Horn-symbolic of power, boasting, and pride, Ps. 75:4-5

Hornet-symbolic of a spirit of terror and confusion, Ex. 23:27-28

Horse-work or war, Prov. 21:3. A white horse is symbolic of Christ's return, Rev. 6:2 

Hospital-symbolic of a place of healing

Hotel-to dream of being in a hotel is symbolic of a place of temporary living or employment

Hourglass-symbolic of running out of time or needing to manage your time better  

House-symbolic of your life or the place where you live or work, Matt.12:43-44. A person tearing down their own house is symbolic of a fool, Prov.14:1. A crumbling house is sym­bolic of a wicked person, Prov.14:11. A house filled with good things is symbolic of a wise person, Prov. 21:20. A house made of cards or flimsy material is symbolic of folly. A house on top of sand is symbolic of disaster, Matt. 7:26. A house on fire is symbolic of judgment, Ezek. 16:41  

Howling-a symbol of the voice of a wicked person, Ps. 59:6
Hulk-to see the Incredible Hulk in a dream is symbolic of a strongman of anger, Matt. 12:29 

Hummingbird-busy, industrious

Hunter-to have the upper hand in a situation, Jer. 16:16

Hurricane-storms symbolize distress and trouble in a person’s life, Ps. 107:28-29

Hut-symbolic of placing your trust in something flimsy or unsafe, Lk.6:49

Hyena-symbolic of a person or demon that pursues and harasses people

Hyssop-symbolic of faith in the blood of Christ, Ex. 12:22


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