T.V. (see television)

Table-symbolic of people with shared beliefs or similar interests, 1 Cor. 10:21. Sitting at a dark table is symbolic of ungodly activities in your life

Tablet-symbolic of your heart, Prov. 7:3

Tabloid-symbolic of having a morbid interest in gossip, 1 Tim. 5:13  

Tail-if you dream of having a tail it can symbolize immature behavior. A tail can also symbolize being last or unimportant, Deut. 28:13. Having a tail is also symbolic of a false teacher, Isa. 9:15

Talking back-to dream of someone talking back to author­ity is a symbol of foolishness and rebellion, 1 Sam. 15:23, Prov. 12:1

Tall-symbolic of being important in your own eyes or the eyes of others, 1 Sam. 9:2. Being tall is also symbolic of a person of high social stand­ing, Isa. 10:33

Tambourine-joy, praise, Ps. 81:2, Jer. 31:4

Tank-symbolic of heavy protection or having a militant at­titude

Tanned-symbolic of beautifying oneself

Tapeworm-a tapeworm can be a manifestation of anxieties associated with not being able to gain weight

Tape measure-symbolic of examining someone or something, Rev. 11:1, 2 Cor. 10:12-13

Tar-symbolic of getting trapped, Gen. 14:10

Tarantula-symbolic of a sorcerer or a demonic spirit, Isa. 59:4-5  

Target-symbolic of aiming at a goal in life or targeting someone for good or evil, Lam. 3:12

Tarot cards-symbolic of fortune telling, Acts 16:16  

Taskmaster-symbolic of a harsh or overbearing person in a position of authority, Ex. 1:11

Tattoo-symbolic of worldliness or pagan rituals, Lev. 19:28
Tax-taxes or a tax notice is symbolic of earthly government, Matt. 17:25

Teacher-symbolic of authority, Ex. 18:20

Tears-symbolic of hurt, pain, broken heartedness, and a longing for God, Ps. 42:3

Teenagers-symbolic of carelessness and youth, Job 33:25  

Teeth-symbolic of a person’s words.  Colorful teeth symbolize someone who likes to tell fanciful stories. Cracked teeth can symbolize a fear of dying or aging. Missing teeth can sym­bolize not having anything to say. Your teeth falling out may symbolize a fast lifestyle, decay, or fear of getting older. Sharp or razor teeth can symbolize that you use your words as weapons, Ps. 57:4. Clean teeth may symbolize not having any food or a spiritual drought, Amos 4:6. Broken teeth can symbolize an­guish, mourning, and bitterness in life, Lam. 3:16. Seeing teeth shatter can symbolize God fighting against your ene­mies, Ps. 3:7 

Television-symbolic of idleness or being un­productive

Temple-a temple can be symbolic of a pagan deity or the temple of God, Ps. 27:4

Tennis-symbolic of being locked in competition against a single person, at home, on the job, or in school

Tent-symbolic of a temporary living situation, Jer.14:8. An elaborate tent can symbolize the secret place of God, Ps. 27:5

Termite-tiny nuisances, things that bother you that you can’t seem to fix or get rid of

Terror-symbolic of death, Ps. 55:4

Test-symbolic of measuring or examining, Gen. 22:1

Theater-to be in a theater or auditorium in a dream with dead people is symbolic of having wandered away from the truth, Prov. 21:16-17

Thief-a symbol of demonic activity around you and your family with intentions of stealing your peace, sleep, joy, and love, Jn. 10:10

Thigh-a symbol of strength, Ps. 45:3

Thirst-a symbol of longing for something in your life. The sensation of thirst can symbolize a desire for God, Ps. 42:2

Thorns-a thorn is a symbol of sin, worries, and cares in life, Matt. 13:7. A thorn can also symbolize the suffering of Christ on the cross, Matt. 27:29

Thread-symbolic of the smallest portion of a person’s property, Gen. 14:23. A thread can also symbolize that a non-believer has decided to place their trust in Christ, Josh. 2:18

Throne-a symbol of rule, reign, and sovereignty over a place or situation, Col. 1:16. A throne is also symbolic of God’s supremacy, Ps. 45:6

Throwing-to hurl or throw someone is symbolic of banish­ment, Jer. 16:13

Thumbs-up-the “thumbs up” sign symbolizes authorization to do something

Thunder-symbolic of God’s voice, Ps. 77:18

Ticket-if you dream of being written a ticket by a police of­ficer it is symbolic of a godly warning before you suffer further consequences for your behavior

Tidal wave-symbolic of impending disaster, 2 Sam. 22:5

Tie-a neck-tie symbolizes keeping a neat and professional appearance

Tiger-for many non-Christians a tiger is symbolic of strength, good character, and solitude. A tiger can also be a manifestation of a spiritual enemy in someone’s life attempting to stalk and devour them   

Tightrope-symbolic of trying to keep your emotions and family together during a tricky situation

Tight space-a feeling of anxiety produced by being in a small space is a reflection of a situation in life that is suffo­cating or difficult, Jer. 38:6  

Tin-symbolic of things of little value, Ezek. 22:18

Tire-symbolic of your ability to move in life. If the tire is flat it symbolizes your inability to go anywhere

Toad-symbolic of demonic spirits, Rev. 16:13

Tobacco-symbolic of bad habits

Toilet-a symbol of exposure or needing to flush something out of your life. Going down a toilet can symbolize flushing your life away or the hard and dirty path to a new place

Tollbooth-symbolic of something that will cost you in order to move from one area in life to another

Tomb-symbolic of death or a hypocrite, Matt. 23:27

Tombstone-symbolic of death. The inscription on the tomb­stone will give you more insight into the meaning of the dream

Tongue-a split, cut, or missing tongue is symbolic of confu­sion and perversion, Ps. 55:9, Prov. 10:31

Tooth (see teeth)

Toothache-symbolic of a source of constant irritation, Prov. 25:19

Toothpaste-symbolic of a need to clean up your speech, to stop cursing and complaining

Topaz-symbolic of something highly valuable in life, Job 28:19

Topless-being topless symbolizes exposure in life. If you did not feel ashamed during the dream it symbolizes being comfortable about yourself in front of people

Tornado-a tornado can be symbolic of the presence of God, Nah. 1:3. It can also be symbolic of trouble and distress in life, Ps. 107:28-29. Multiple tornadoes symbolize multiple problems
Torture-to see someone being tortured is symbolic of demonic torment, Rev. 9:5, Matt. 18:34

Tourist-symbolic of visiting a place in life for a short time  

Tow truck-symbolic of helping other people

Towel-symbolic of service towards others, Jn. 13:4

Tower-a place of refuge, Ps. 61:3

Toy-symbolic of something regarded as unnecessary, some­thing wanted for amusement

Track-symbolic of competing in life, 1 Cor. 9:25  

Traffic-symbolic of not being able to go where you want in life as fast as you would like

Train-symbolic of going from one place to another

Trampled-the sensation or act of being trampled in a dream suggests oppression by an enemy, Ps. 56:1-2

Trampoline-symbolic of enjoying life

Translator-symbolic of making others understand or inter­preting things for other people, Neh. 8:8

Trap-a symbol of a wicked scheme against you by demons or evil people, Ps. 38:12

Trapper-a deadly enemy, Ps. 91:3

Trash-worthlessness, without value, Job 20:7. Trash on someone’s face symbolizes a rebuke from God, Mal. 2:3 

Treasure-symbolic of God’s word, Prov. 7:1

Treasure chest-symbolic of finding something that was hidden from others and contains things of great value

Tree-trees are people or nations. The Church is also depicted as a tree, Dan. 4:20-22, Matt. 13:31-32. A green tree is sym­bolic of a prosperous person, Ps. 52:8. An up­rooted tree symbolizes a false teacher or a false prophet, someone who is spiritually dead, Jude 1:12

Tree of life-symbolic of wisdom, Prov. 3:18

Tricycle-symbolic of childishness

Triple braided rope-symbolic of strength, Eccl. 4:12

Tripping-to be tripped or to trip someone in a dream sym­bolizes an attempt to cause someone to fail at something, Ps. 140:4

Trojan horse-symbolic of disguised danger

Troops-symbolic of war or being under siege, Mic. 5:1

Truck-this can symbolize a ministry for a Christian or a rough and rugged style of living for a non-believer

Trumpet-praise, joy, Ps. 98:6. Also symbolic of war, Amos 3:6 

Tsunami-symbolic of a stressful event or tribulation in life, Ps. 107:28-29

Tug-of-war-symbolic of friendly competition between friends

Tumbleweed-destruction, the life of a wicked person, Ps. 83:13

Tumor-to dream of a cancerous tumor may be a warning to pray for healing for someone or a metaphor for unwanted habits in your life  

Turban-symbolic of justice, Job 29:14


Turtledove-affectionate love, Ps. 74:19

Tuxedo-symbolic of formality

Twins-symbolic of a double blessing, Ps. 127:3

Two cents-symbolic of a valueless opinion

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