Abandoned car-symbolic of an unused ministry or a for­saken lifestyle, Ezek. 34:8 NLT

Abandoned house-symbolic of barrenness and desolation, Job 15:28

Abandoned road-symbolic of following your own plans or stubbornness, Jer. 18:15

Aborigine-symbolic of solitude

Abortion-an abortion may symbolize the pre-mature death of a new thing in your life or the actual act of aborting an unborn child

Acid-a symbol of destructive words that burn long after they have been spoken, Prov. 16:27 NLT  

Actor-an actor can symbolize playing a role, Ezek. 5:2 NLT. To see an actor in a dream may also be the result of a desire to interact with celebrities
Adders-spiritual enemies, Jer. 8:17

Admiral-symbolic of high command

Adoption-symbolic of caring for orphans or being wel­comed into God’s family, Rom. 8:15

Adulteress-symbolic of the path of death and destruction, Prov. 2:16

Adultery-sexually explicit dream content is not from God. To dream of an adulterous relationship may result from fear of infidelity in a relationship. A God-given dream may expose a cheating spouse without showing lewd conduct, Ex. 20:14

Aging-symbolic of wisdom and honor, Deut. 32:7

AIDS-symbolic of the need for compassion on outcasts and the termi­nally ill, Mark 1:40-42

Air-conditioning-symbolic of a luxury, modern comforts

Air force-symbolic of high level spiritual warfare or a prayer covering for other Christians

Aircraft carrier-symbolic of support during a spiritual battle or a base of operations 

Airliner-an airliner can symbolize a world-wide ministry for a Christian or a fast-paced lifestyle for a non-believer

Airport-an airport symbolizes departure from one place in life to the next

Alarm-symbolic of being alerted or awakened to do something, Num. 10:5

Alcohol-if you dream of drinking alcohol it can symbolize a current or former addiction to alcohol, Prov. 20:1

Alcoholic-an emblem for the road to poverty, Prov. 23:20

Alien (space alien) symbolic of heavenly visitors. Aliens can be either de­mons or angels depending on the context of the dream

Alligator-a dangerous person or a spiritual enemy

Almonds-delicacies, Gen 43:11

Almond blossoms-symbolic of God’s anointing upon a ministry, Num. 17:8  

Almond tree-an almond tree is a symbol of God’s promise to perform His word, Jer. 1:11

Aloe-a symbol of Christ’s death, Jn. 19:39

Altar-a symbol of sacrifice, Ex. 20:24

Ambulance-symbolic of needing immediate help

Ambush-a symbol of an impending attack from an enemy, Prov. 1:11

Amish-symbolic of trying not to conform to the world around you

Amplifier-symbolic of a loud message

Amusement park-fun and entertainment, enjoyment in life  

Anaconda-symbolic of a crushing problem like depression or anxiety in someone’s life. Snakes represent demonic spirits, Isa. 59:4-5   

Anarchy-symbolic of rebellion, 1 Sam. 15:23

Anchor-symbolic of hope, Heb. 6:19

Angels-symbolic of God’s helpers and protection, Heb. 1:14

Angry-an angry person in a dream is symbolic of foolishness and pride, Prov. 12:16

Animals-talking animals can be demonic spirits posing as spirit guides. Running on all fours in a dream like an animal may represent a subconscious feeling of being powerful 

Answering machine-symbolic of collecting messages you need to hear

Antarctica-symbolic of isolation and remoteness

Anteater-symbolic of something that destroys what others have worked hard to build

Antenna-symbolic of needing to pay close attention or tune in to God

Antiques-symbolic of sentimental possessions  

Ants-symbolic of industriousness or tiny nuisances, Prov. 6:6. Ant bites symbolize misfortune, Deut. 32:23-24 

Ape-a symbol of an overly emotional or beastly person

Apocalypse-a symbol of the end-times, Rev. 13:7

Apple-symbolic of forbidden fruit or something desirable to the eyes, Gen. 3:6. A golden apple is symbolic of wise words, Prov. 25. 11. Apples can also symbolize a time of refreshing, Song. 2:5

Apple tree-a symbol of the love of a husband, Song. 2:3

Apprentice-symbolic of learning to specialize in a field of work, 1 Kings 19:19-21

Apricot-sharing love and affection with a romantic partner  

April fool’s day-symbolic of an impending prank or trick

Apron-serving others, 1 Sam. 18:4 

Aquarium-symbolic of being trapped or feeling examined
AR-15 (see Guns)   

Arab-symbolic of the Middle East and Islam

Archaeologist-symbolic of digging into a matter or hunting for hidden knowledge
Archangel-to see an archangel in your dream is symbolic of a matter of great importance being taken care of by God, Dan. 10:21

Architect-symbolic of heavenly wisdom, Prov. 8:30

Ark-God’s protection from life’s storms, Gen. 7:1

Ark of the Covenant-symbolic of God’s power, Ex. 25:10

Arm-a right arm is a symbol of God’s strength and might, Ps. 89:13, Isa. 62:8

Armadillo-symbolic of being well protected

Armageddon-symbolic of an end-times event, Rev. 16:16

Armband-a symbol of allegiance. The insignia on the band can give insight into the interpretation, Song. 8:6

Armor-armor is symbolic of God’s provision of protection for Christians, Eph. 6:11

Armory-a symbol of bringing stored weapons to bear against an en­emy, Jer. 50:25

Army-symbolic of a group of people with the same goals united for a cause, Phil. 2:25
Aroma-a foul aroma is symbolic of a spiritually dead person. A sweet aroma is symbolic of a Christian, 2 Cor. 2:16  

Arrow-lies and deceit, Jer. 9:8. A poison arrow is symbolic of grief, Job 6:2-4

Art-symbolic of the beauty and wisdom of man, Acts 17:29  

Artillery-to dream of field artillery can symbolize a battle in your life or a need to bring out bigger weapons to win a fight

Artist-skill, beauty, Song. 7:1

Ash-complete destruction, Amos 2:1

Ashen-an ashen figure symbolizes death, Rev. 6:8

Asia-symbolic of Eastern philosophy and religious influ­ences, Acts 19:27  

Aspirin-symbolic of help and relief from pain

Assassins-symbolic of demonic forces with a special mis­sion to kill, steal, and destroy, Jn. 10:10
Assault rifle (see Guns)   

Assembly hall-symbolic of a gathering of people who are similar to each other in lifestyle or beliefs, James 2:2, Jer. 9:2

Asteroid-potential destruction, Rev. 8:10 NLT

Astrological sign-symbolic of pagan customs and influ­ences, Jer. 10:2-3

Astronaut-symbolic of visiting heavenly places or seeing other worldly things 

Atheist-symbolic of a person who is unwise and without un­derstanding, Ps. 53:1

Athlete-competing in life, 1 Cor. 9:26

ATM-symbolic of trying to pull money from God or other people

Attic-symbolic of your mind, forgotten memoires, or the subconscious

Attorney-someone skilled in debate, Lk.10:25

Auditorium-symbolic of a place where similar people are gathered. To find yourself in an auditorium with dead people or zombies is symbolic of having wandered away from the truth, Prov. 21:16-17

Autumn-time to work, Prov. 20:4

Avatar-symbolic of being controlled by someone or attempting to use other people  

Axe-a battle axe is the word of God, Ezek. 9:2. If the axe head is dull it symbolizes the need to use the wisdom of God in a situation, Eccl. 10:10 

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