Vacuum cleaner-symbolic of needing to clean out your life

Vagrant-a vagrant symbolizes an outcast, wanderer, and murderer, Gen. 4:12

Valedictorian-symbolic of being praised for performing well

Valentine-a symbol of romance

Valley-symbolic of the low points in life and the territory of the enemy, Ps. 23:4

Vampire-this is symbolic of a person who sucks the life out of you, a bad influence in your life

Van (see vehicles)

Vapor-symbolic of fleeting wealth, Prov. 21:6

V-chip-symbolic of the need to censor things from your life

Vegetable-to dream of eating vegetables may imply meek­ness or humble circumstances, Prov. 15:17

Vehicle (car, boat, buss, plane) symbols of ministry for a Christian. For non-believers vehicles represent the ride of life or a style of living

Veil-covering or something hidden, Song. 1:7

Venom-destructive language or activities, Ps. 58:3-4

Ventriloquist-symbolic of someone who is not in control of their life or being controlled by demonic forces

Vest-symbolic of the need for more protection

Veteran-someone who has vast experience in warfare

Veterinarian-symbolic of compassion and helping the helpless

Vice grips-symbolic of pressure and stress, Ps. 119:143 NLT

Victory-to dream of being victorious in battle is symbolic of having wise counsel in life, Prov. 24:6

Video game-to dream of being in a video game can sym­bolize your life. You may feel as though life is a game. Dream­ing of being in a video game can also be a product of gaming for hours on end during the day

Viking-a symbol of ferocity in battle  

Village-symbolic of seclusion, Song. 7:11

Vine-symbolic of Christ, Jn. 15:1. An outstretched vine can also symbolize great influence, Jer. 48:32 

Vinegar-symbolic of the reproaches and slandering of the enemy, Ps. 69:21

Vineyard-symbolic of a person’s life. If the vineyard is over­grown with thorns and weeds it symbolizes laziness, Prov. 24:30-31

Violin-symbolic of soothing and pleasant activities

Viper (see snakes) 

Virgin-this is a Christian or the Church, Matt. 25:1-10

Virgin Mary-to dream of the mother of Jesus may symbolize the Lord’s favor in someone’s life, Lk. 1:28. To dream of the Virgin Mary blocking your view of Christ may symbolize a need to refocus your worship upon Jesus

Vitamins-symbolic of doing things that are good for you or a symbol of needing to do things that are good for you

Voices-to hear voices in a dream is symbolic of restlessness, distractions, and pressures from an enemy, Ps. 55:2-3

Volcano-a symbol of the end times or God’s judgment

Volleyball-symbolic of the game of life

Vomit-rolling in vomit is symbolic of being humiliated, Jer. 48:26

Vomiting-someone vomiting in a dream is symbolic of be­ing mentally, physically, or spiritually poisoned by an envi­ronment or an ungodly influence. Eating vomit is symbolic of repeating bad behavior, Prov. 26:11

Voodoo doll-symbolic of witchcraft 

Vulture-a vulgar or wicked person 


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