Numbers usually have a significance understood only by the dreamer. As a general rule, the numbers in a dream should almost always be taken literally.




1-this number is symbolic of God, Deut. 6:4
2-symbolic of unity and Christian work, Lk.10:1-3
3-this is the number of the Trinity, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, Matt. 28:19
4-a symbol of the heavens, angels, or God’s created intelli­gences, Ezek. 1:5
5-a symbol of fruitfulness and blessing, Gen. 1:20-23
6-this is the number for humanity, Gen. 1:26
7-this is the number of completion and perfection, Gen 2:1-2
8-this can symbolize infinity or a new beginning
9-this can symbolize ingratitude, Lk.17:17
10-this number may symbolize a tithe or God’s portion, Gen. 14:20. Ten can also symbolize law and government 
11-symbolic of a prophetic anointing
12-the number for an apostolic commission
13-the number thirteen is representative of bad luck by many non-Christians. The number thirteen can symbolize an impending attack by your enemies, Esth. 3:12-13
18-symbolic of a valiant person, 1 Ch. 26:9
24-the number for an elder in the Church or elderly wisdom, Rev. 4:10
50-symbolic of jubilation, being set free from debt, Lev. 25:10
70-symbolic of exile, punishment, and captivity by an en­emy, Dan. 9:2
80-symbolic of a strong and full life, Ps. 90:10
99-symbolic of a lost sheep or prodigal son, Matt. 18:12
300-symbolic of valiant men, Judg. 7:6
666-symbolic of the end times, the beast of Revelation, and the number of man, Rev. 13:18
700-symbolic of choice warriors, accuracy in battle, Judg. 20:15-16
1,000-symbolic of the millennial reign, Rev. 20:5
144,000-this is the number for martyrs, Rev. 14:3 




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